I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

It’s a hot summer day and you have that sweet tooth you need to satisfy.

You are looking for that one thing that would make you say, “Man, that hits the spot”.

For some of us, it could be a beer, sour whiskey, Gatorade, or coconut water.

But for me, it’s ice cream.

Now, that I have two homes in Ottawa (during the school year) and Toronto (during the holidays), I have discovered two amazing places that I normally would go for my ice cream fix.


In Toronto, I decided to check out this place after seeing Instagram posts from my friends and recommendations from my co-workers that I need to try these ice cream sandwiches.

So I decided I needed to go try Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery.

Bang Bang has been gaining popularity recently because of their wacky ice cream flavours, like London Fog, Miso and Cherries, and Totaro, just to name a few. You can enjoy these inventive ice cream flavours in a regular cup, pair it with one of their delicious cookies to make an ice cream sandwich, or enjoy it with a freshly-made Hong Kong Style Waffle.

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery Hong Kong Style Waffle Cones, Photo Credit Jesse Milns BlogTO
Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery Storefront, Photo Credit Jesse Milns BlogTO

There are so many flavours that you can choose from, and the best part is that the staff will let you have a few teaspoon samples if you are unsure what you want to get.

My go-to order is the ice cream sandwich. If you go to Bang Bang, I recommend only getting half a sandwich. No matter how large my sweet tooth is that day, I can only ever eat a half-sandwich before I get too full!

Expect to spend around $5-$8 for your ice cream, which may seem a little pricey, but I guarantee the Bang Bang experience will be worth it!


Since I’m completing my post secondary studies in Ottawa, I can’t always make that long trip back to Toronto just for my Bang Bang Ice Cream cravings. I have, however, found another place that is just as addictive.

This place may sound familiar to many Ottawa locals. Yes, I’m talking about Stella Luna Gelato Café.

Stella Luna Gelato, Photo Credit Benita Baker

Stella Luna is known for the amount of attention and care they take to make their gelato. And of course I don’t need to mention the many delicious flavours to choose from, like Raffaelo, Ferrero Rocher, and Mediterranean Pistachio.

The gelato is rich, creamy, and thick. Pretty perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, especially during the summer! No wonder, their gelato was named 4th best in North America. Yes, you heard me, 4th best out of all the gelato shops in the United States and Canada.

There are many sizes that you can choose from (Small, Regular, Large) with varying prices ($6-$8). Although it can be pricey, I guarantee the gelato is well worth the investment.

Stella Luna Gelato Café Ottawa Storefront

No matter whether I’m back home in Toronto or busy studying in Ottawa, I know that I can count on Bang Bang and Stella Luna Gelato Café to help me beat the summer heat and satisfy my constant sweet tooth!

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