Canadian Association of Business Students

vice president of marketing 
01/19 – present
Director of communications
05/18 – 08/18

Managing the communication of all the organization’s initiatives to the Canadian business student body

Implementing promotional strategies on a variety of platforms to increase awareness of CABS’ events, conferences, initiatives and opportunities

Coordinating the marketing materials for conferences and annual business competition, JDC Central

Sprott Marketing Students’ Association

vice president of marketing 
05/17 – 04/18
vice president of communications
05/16 – 04/17

Managed the marketing communications, digital media, and brand image of the organization to promote awareness of upcoming events and student initiatives

Coordinated the activities and operations of marketing portfolio directors (Brand Development, Social Media, Content and Graphics)

Increased engagement and number of followers on social media sites by 80% since May 2016

Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS)

01/18 – 04/18

Created the digital media content to promote the upcoming academic workshops and initiatives to the Carleton University student body

Ravens’ Sports Business Club (RSBC)

05/17 – 04/18

Analyzed and evaluated social media campaigns and strategies on the Carleton Ravens and Ravens Centre platforms

Monitored social media activities and engagement of USPORTS schools to evaluate the brand awareness benchmark of the Carleton Ravens

Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG)

Promo Team Ambassador and 50/50 ticket seller
06/17 – 04/18

Represented OSEG at local sports, community and charitable events to increase awareness of the 105th Grey Cup Festival weekend to be hosted in Ottawa

Performed a variety of tasks (50/50 tickets, guest relations) at Ottawa Redblacks, Ottawa 67s, and Ottawa Fury FC games

Sprott Students’ Management Association (SSMA)

09/14 – 04/16
05/16 – 04/17

Collaborated with Vice President of Communications to establish a vibrant organizational brand image and presence in the Carleton University community

Managed the social media platforms and marketing communications on a daily basis to increase awareness of upcoming events, volunteer initiatives, and recent Management news

Successfully increased number of social media followers by an average of 25% on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Sprott Supply Chain Management Association (SSCMA)

05/15 – 04/16

Revamped the organization’s presence in the Carleton University community through effective brand marketing strategies and digital media content

Hired and coordinated the Supply Chain Ambassadors team to increase awareness of upcoming initiatives and events

Marketing efforts led to the increase of students enrolling into the Supply Chain Management concentration by 25%

Sprott Business Students’ Society (SBSS)

Street team representative
09/13 – 04/14

Participated in marketing campaigns to generate awareness of the SBSS through in-class presentations, word-of-mouth, and social media that led to 25% increase in student attendance